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Erik O'Keefe "That song freaked out my cat." Re Taco Sister on Bandcamp 2/19/13

Stranger outside BJs: "I'd rather hear this psycho stuff than that jingle jangle crap." -via text from Jay during Bass Piggy show 10/30/07

Tony Doogan "Moon Girl is the best song ever!" (ichat status)

Steven Drozd "Uh oh It seems that I've mis-underestimated the power and beauty of Bass Piggy.... Sending my love for the Cheese Song and, of course, the members of the band...xoxoxoxox... Faggotwitch...." (myspace message)1/1/07

Ace of Pig Comments..............................................................

Joel J Dahl
(De Novo Dahl) "bass piggy makes me jump for joy! hallelujah!" myspace feb. 15, 2007

(Junkbutton) "Bass Piggy destroyed my home, Fran plays it so much." Approx. quote summer 06, warped tour.

Flecton Big Sky
"thanks for sending me the Bass Piggy output ... that's a big sandwich but i'll start chewing it up this week." 5/2/06

Woody Ranere (Lake Trout) "whenever i'm starting to feel a little too sane and normal,  i throw on a little Bass Piggy or Bass Piggy Jr.   and  it does the trick quick.  it messes with my senses of time and balance.   it has the effect of ten cups of coffee and 5 doses of Nyquil." 10/15/05

Tomi Millioto
(Psychofux) "I can not describe my surprise and delight at seeing the new Bass Piggy double CD set arrive at my door.  I listened to it right away, and I've been mentally unbalanced ever since.  Thank you most sincerely.  Just for the record, I do not know what would happen if someone had a taco instead of a sister." 

Matthew Stone (Saxon Shore) was much better than I expected...there are extended parts of listenability...(re: Ace of Pig:Instrumental)

Sean Curley (Midget, Druggies, Wallmen) "I wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying the new Bass Piggy CD. It rocks. Waz is at his finest. Is he drunk? Beyonce thinks it is important that someone  is still willing to push the envelope in the rap arena.  AnyhowI have almost crashed my car a few times while listening." (7/05)

Caliban Jones (Pop Culture Press guy)
official stance
BASS PIGGY/Ace of Pig/Bass Piggy International
In between hosting recording sessions for the likes of the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Low and a growing list of “others” Dave Fridmann's Tarbox Road studio host his other project: Bass Piggy. It's kind of a fun thing more than anything else. Imagine having your own state of the art recording studio to play around in when all of the paying customers have gone home. That's when Dave and his wife Mary call over fellow piggies, Waz and Andrea, and they record another round of sessions. This new double disc collection sorts through sessions 11 through 16, and separates the songs into an “Instrumental” disc and a “Mental” disc. This works well when disc one sticks with no vocals, but eventually Waz pipes in with his stream of thought stories and rants. Its surprising how tuneful they can be without vocal interruption. Disc two is pretty much a test of patience in the land of Waz. He's quite often hilarious, always pretty demented, but there are always times when it seems a bit forced and he doesn't really have much to say, funny or not. There are at least three classics: “You Should See My Family Tree,” “I'm Sucking” and “Boys Should Marry Each Other.” Best advice: no expectations! (d.n.l)

Caliban Jones unofficial "And, just so you know, I've been going around singing "thank you for being a friend...I just want to borrow your lawnmower again" and it makes Laura laugh every time (she's a big Waz fan too...but she calls him "that buckethead guy?").

Pre-Ace Commentary..................................................................

Andy Heintz: (Giant Paw, Creaming Jesus) "long long ago in a Sweetfish far far away, a rag taggle bunch of london cyberpunks were tamed by bass piggy dave and their spirits soothed by the siren mary...time has passed...but i still have that bass piggy tape i nicked from jungle...nothing has ever surpassed its dizzy has inspired me and helped me through dark times...( well, i used the box to jam open the bedroom door for a bit)... " April 26, 2006

Tomi again: p.s. I still haven't fully recovered from the Bass Piggy Box set. (this email was from May 05 and he received his box July 03).

Greg Nixon
(Greg Greg, Another Dead Sharon) "I was listening to Bass Piggy, hahahahahahahaha
hhahahhahahahahhahahar haharhehhehheeehhhhhhhhhahhahahahahhhahhhaaaahahaha..."

Scott Reynolds (The Pavers, All) "Hello Fridmanns It's Scott Reynolds. Actually I was just calling to give you my opinions on the Bass Piggy Box Set. I think it's tremendous. Waz said on Dave Goes To Greece, Your dad said he would trade me some wood if I would take your hand and make you my wife. That's my favorite part so far out of all three of them. So I was just calling to tell you I love it."

Bass Piggy Box Set Included on Best Of 2003 List

Pop Culture Press/Caliban Jones:
While Dave Fridmann is also a member of this band (he plays beatbox and drums here), let me start this review by saying that Bass Piggy sounds NOTHING like Mercury Rev, the Flaming Lips or anything else in the Fridmann universe. Not that that is a bad thing. This box set, a deal at ten bucks (they even throw in some random Happy Meal toys), contains all three Bass Piggy albums released so far from 1989-1996 (a fourth has been recorded but not yet released): 'You're A Bore,' 'You're Fat!' and 'Litmer'. The group, which also features Fridmann's wife Mary, Steve Wasiura (Waz) and Andrea Scalise (who are the other married couple in this Bizzaro-World version of ABBA), is an occasional thing done mostly for the hell of it (I think if they'd wanted to conquer the world they would've found a way to do so by now!). Waz comes up with some of the most entertaining stories (witness all eight minutes of "the Cheese Song") and some dead on parodies ("the Donut Shop" is a dead-on take on "Tom's Diner" while "Pink Floyd" sounds NOTHING like Pink Floyd). While I can see why Dave claims that there wasn't much major label interest in this project, however, anyone who ever thought Ween was good fun would eat this up like Chicken McNuggets (which, I guess, is where the Happy Meal toys come in!?) (d.n.l).

Jay Sallese (Love Parade) "Thanks so much for the box set and card! Opening up that package last night really made my night. My coworker and I are listening to Litmer right now, after having listened to You're a Bore, and You're Fat. I just wish I was a fly on the wall during these sessions... And I think I want to be a Perry Como Head."

Tony Doogan (Producer of bands) "Bass piggy are truly an inspiration for the youth of today. If you can get George bush to play a Dr rhythm a'la Bill Clintons 'Sax' when he comes to visit the UK next week it will endear him to a disillusioned underclass which are the young! So there."

Barry Burns (Mogwai) "The box set is shit hot, or jobby warm as i would say."

Also Barry: "My girlfriend really likes the B.P. Box Set as well and I hope you get in the charts soon. I think that's very likely."

Jason Russo (Hopewell) "I drove from fredonia to the hudson valley today and listened to the entire Bass Piggy boxed set. I became disoriented and ended up taking a wrong turn onto some truck routes."

Andrew Rodriguez (Bodega) likes listening to Litmer in the kitchen..

Mark Sadeghian (Fear of Yellow Producer/Engineer) "I got the Box Set! But due to disorder and general chaos in my world, it sits over there with an enormouse dormouse or dormess, what a mess. THANK YOU OH SO FREAKING OUT MUCH! I only listened to Domestic Violence and already I am agitated."

Tomi Millioto (guitar maestro, Psychofux) "I put the "litmer' cd on today and laughed so hard that I hurt myself. When I recover, I'll be listening to the others. Thanks again for the set."

Anthony Molina (Blanco, Mercury Rev)-upon receiving the new Bass Piggy Box Set "I'm going to be the coolest kid on the block".

Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) "This is giving me a headache"..

Pist'l Magazine/Another Dead Sharon:
"I was going to do a record review of BASS PIGGY's tape title "YOU'RE FAT". Then I remembered I hate doing record reviews. To sum it up they improvise, and they improvise very well. With programming and stretching the use of sounds and words, they can make even the deepest darkest gothiest ones among us chuckle. Their music is like the clear plastic transfers of the human anatomy, that can be found in medical texts. Drums and programming are the skeleton. Pop tones generated by the keyboards map out the nervous system. Bass, guitars, and accordion are a few of those vital organ things. Voices (heavily effected at times) are the flesh. The music is much like Slim Goodbody meets a free-form JAPANESE WHISPERS recording session. Some of these songs even resemble and could be synth-pop if the general public was a Grand Canyon's width more open minded. the best way to reach BASS PIGGY is most likely to write to their zine's address which is: THIS MEGAZINE P.O. BOX 579 FREDONIA, NY 14063-0579

Sullen Teen Records adjectives: "evil" and "new wave"

Jungle Records: We can't use anything right now with the American sound.

Ronald Jones (Flaming Lips)-"Kings of new wave"

Norm Wilson (Wallmen, Druggies)-The CD is great. I think Mailman on Mars is my fave 'cause you know I've often thought the same thing....