Bass Piggy was formed in 1989 at a Cure concert. Disintegration...Birds flying over head the open stadium..Baseball cap boy blocking the view...Everyone wore black...(Not us?)..

Session 1 (1989) included Steve Wasiura (Waz), Andrea Scalise, Mary Gavazzi, Keith Hultmark, Micky Mercurio and radio shack mixers unmic'ed acoustic guitars, etc....First breakthrough was Perry Como Heads where Waz and esp. Micky set the stage for silly stuff that would be Bass Piggy; no attention span, no songwriting, all improvised as it goes to tape...a bit bratty. Micky must not have been in Bass Piggy long because in response to our slogan, "Bass Piggy Rules" he wrote " You Can't Polish a Turd" in the boys bathroom at BJ's (Fredonia, NY).

Session 2 (1991) included Waz, Andrea, Mary and new member, Dave Fridmann. With special guest Chris Giordano, this session was mostly just aggravating based in a studio in a closet. Bongos and poetry readings.

Everyone got married (Waz n Andie), (Dave and Mary) in 1991...Dave was dabbling on the side with other projects..Mercury Rev mostly. I don't think we liked them...

Session 3 was better. On Mailman from Mars,we discovered Dave's great drum machine skills (Dr. Rhythm) and Waz tore himself away from from that Thomas Dolby bass line he wouldn't stop playing. We had to play through headphones so the neighbors wouldn't get mad. Waz's tape of Lisa, Lisa and the Cult Jam bled through the 4-track cassette..Moon girl..

We did play out in 1992 with Consorting Angels..We didn't play as Bass Piggy but as part of Consorting Angels..They were pissed because the local club paid them in just a few beers so they were going to have the biggest band with the most members so they would have to give out a lot of beer..

Session 4 was when things really got working...We finally had enough for the 1st tape..I Can Count, You Make Me Feel Good, I'm Fucked and Hokey Pokey all in one day. Bass Piggy You're A Bore came out in 1993. It was July 25, 1993 when Dave officially quit Mercury Rev so he could pursue his true love, Bass Piggy.

Sessions 5(We suck), 6, and 7...were in quick succession..New tape came out 1994 right before Mary's 1st baby...Bass Piggy You're Fat. Waz and Andie lived in Arizona for a year, were abducted by aliens and thought that sucked and came back at the end of 1994.

Session 8 Around this time(Jan.1995), there was a faint bit of interest from Jungle Records. They especially liked My Car, My Best Friend from You're Fat and wanted us to re-record it to 24 track. As soon as Waz and Andie came back, we went to Sweetfish Recording Studios and recorded the single and a lot more (Big Drool Bomb, Bovine Growth Hormone, OJ was Guilty(not released),etc.) for an upcoming release..The single was rejected due to the fact that it had "too much of that American sound". Sullen Teen Records was set to release a 7" single but truthfully I cannot remember whatever happened to that.

Session 9 (July 95) was ok. A guest, Carmen Quinones, and Waz had an excellent squabble on Domestic Violence and they weren't even married...

Session 10 (Jan 1996)Dave Goes To Greece and Ruins Everything.., Mama Yaya, Pink Floyd. Waz is managing the local music store. Andrea is getting deep into multimedia with Waz Tech.

1996.We put out a cd compilation of the two tapes..Bass Piggy You're Fat and Boring. Andrea made a multimedia cdrom Pat The Pig . Including snippets from our real lives, cheese and crackers interview , a video for It's My Car, It's My Best Friend, etc.

We also played our only planned live gig opening for the Wallmen September 6, 1996 in Syracuse at a place called The Planet. It was frightening but ended happily with Waz running around the bar in circles, to the bathroom, trying to get Madonna on the phone mixed with a happy noise barrage from Wallman, Sean Curley who was doing the live sound mayhem..

In 1997, Bass Piggy put out a new cassette,Litmer. And we built a new recording studio, Tarbox Road Studios with a friend, Greg Snow. Mary had a baby (#2) and her head popped off...

Session 11 is the first session (1997) recorded at Tarbox but we have not heard it yet. Too much business. Dave was deemed "hot" (as a producer) by Rolling Stone in 1999 and had albums voted number one in the English press for 1998 and 1999. Strangely, Bass Piggy did play that same hot summer but not with Dave on drums, with Keith, the original drummer. He was truly an inspiration to us all. It was Waz's biggest bday party ever and our zine,This Megazine's 10 year anniversary party. Turns out Andrea was pregnant and she spawned year 2000..(Her head popped off too).

Session 12 (Aug. 2001) The Mother Deception Session at tarbox, still to be mixed (as is Session 11 from 1997). The songs we can remember so far are Ode To The Kaoss Pad, I Can't Do It, The Stereo Lab Song. Mixing is beginning to be underway.

2002. BASS PIGGY BOX SET AVAILABLE!!! At the end of 2002, we have finally gotten Bass Piggy You're A Bore, Bass Piggy You're Fat and Litmer all remastered to cd and available as a box set. Now maybe we will get on with it..

Session 13, 14, 15, 16 July 2003 Waz is inspired. We play every Tuesday this month..More to come..
August 2003 we exhume the old live show from 1996 and put it to cd..This is special.
July 2004 Session 16 The Divorce Session is mixed.
August 2004 New slim box. More environmentally friendly.
September 2004 Session 15 from July 15, 2003 mixed: PMS Disco. Song titles include Irritability, Bloating, Water Weight Gain, Happy Pills, Keep Out of Reach of Children, Enlarged Prostate, Child Proof Cap, PMS Disco and many more. Session 14 and 13 mixed as well.
Session 11 mixed October 14, 2004! Due to writer's block of 1997, there are more than the normal amount of instrumentals. The few songs with words are about lawn tools. This may be a theme nearly as universal as love..or hate.. as the case may be.
Session 12 mixed January 14, 2005.

2005 ACE OF PIG 2 CD SET is available. Cd 1 Instrumental and Cd 2 Mental.
Also, the spawn make music. The new cd: Bass Piggy Jr.

The Final Chapter:
Bass Piggy enters a new and final chapter, regularly playing together. "
As Bass Piggy enters middle age, veers closer to death, contemplates divorce, we are also experiencing rejuvenation, growth and getting out of bed...In March 2006 Bass Piggy has begun to practice for the first time ever. Have no fear, we still do not play a song more than once but we are just playing more songs once." -via myspace blog 4/06
"Bass Piggy has been practicing fairly regularly since March but have still to learn a song.. We are getting to know one another. Soon we will be friends." -via myspace blog 8/06

In August 2007, we made t-shirts and could give away mp3s on the myspace service which disappeared after awhile.

October 27, 2007 We played our second show, at
BJs opening for Saxon Shore. The local paper mentioned it thusly:
"Oct. 25, 2007 Dunkirk Observer
BJ's has a Saturday night show with Saxon Shore. The Philadelphia based band has played Fredonia about a half dozen times before and are always well received. Saxon Shore's music falls firmly in the instrumental post - rock realm and compares very well to bands like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky. The almighty Bass Piggy will grace the stage with their presence and warm up the crowd. The Waz will be in full effect. Consider yourself warned. The show starts at 10 p.m. There is a $5 cover for 18 and up with over 21 being free."

And our friend Jay sent this text to Dave during the show: "Quote from outside the bar: I'd rather hear this psycho stuff than that jingle jangle crap." -via myspace blog 10/30/07

In January 2009, Bass Piggy was licensed on 425 Music Group. "Hey if anyone needs some Bass Piggy on their movies, commercials, or tv shows, 425 Music Group has gone live.. It's all prelicensed. You can listen to all the songs that they license here.."-via myspace blog 1/09

But in March of 2010, it was decided that Bass Piggy and its various ventures were done. The practicing never helped and apparently even hurt. I guess we didn't make it to 2020.

Historic Bass Piggy
2/2013 Bass Piggy is now on Bandcamp.Thanks to Mike Fridmann for doing the uploading work.

-mgf 1989-2013